Engage, Educate, Evolve.

Unifiying cultural education
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Engage, Educate & Evolve.

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The Collective aims to centralise student voices in London by
providing an inclusive platform for think-tanks and debating.

The London Union Society® is an independent collective created by students for students to facilitate a centralised dialogue. The London Union empowers students and academics by allowing them to be social agents through expressing their views, and aiding contributions to the wider developmental in the world they live in. Additionally, the Union understands the social, cultural and economic differences between students, promoting respect, solidarity, inclusion and equality. This is achieved through access workshops, debates, podcasts, newsletters and more.

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Founder & Director

Royan Khayri

Head of Events

Elodie Burton

Education & Inclusive Leadership

Prof. Gloria Moss

Legal Affairs & Corporate Strategy

James Wyatt

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