Would you like to learn the art of debating? We provide you with the skills and the platform you need to train and develop. Training to be a debater can be a fun and engaging method to being a proactive academic or global citizen. You can debate competitively and network amongst exceptional speakers or novices. You can enhance your confidence in public speaking and communications or just enjoy it as a new hobby whilst at university.  

How does the Union debate?

- The London Union Society will host training groups called Enneads, these debating squads will include abilities of all levels: novice, intermediate, advanced and elite. There a will be groups of nine individuals in each ennead. The format will be in the style and content of the British Parliamentary Style (BPS). The BPS will be reconfigured to integrate the 15 attributes of inclusive leadership speaking.      

- Workshops will be held in the evenings once a week by a debating expert. You are welcome to come to as many and as frequently as you like. The workshop will include a 20 minute tutorial on topics ranging from Global Affairs to Injustices and will be followed by a simulated BPS debate which you can choose to watch or participate in. As we value the knowledge that can be gained from constructive feedback, the final segment will include a session where improvements can be made, developed and implemented at the next session.

- Competitions are the best means to engage, educate and evolve with other debaters from all five sectors. We will be hosting debates on a regular basis for student members to join in with leading experts and academics. You will be encouraged and well facilitated to get involved with national and international inter-debating societies.

- If you would like to Compete on behalf of the London Union Society, you can apply for us to cover your travel expenses and competition fees.

- For further information about Debating and Competition, please see FAQs or email:  affairs@londonunion.org

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