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Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

At the London Union, we take pride on prioritising the level of confidentially that comes with our Members’ personal information. Our privacy policy is a statement or legal document that discloses some of the ways the Union gathers, uses, discloses, and manages Members’ data when they join (the ‘Privacy Policy’). The privacy policy sets out information for accessing the Union Members Hub, receiving emails and viewing website content. Transparency and protection are fundamental pillars that we are committed to upholding. Our privacy policy is only applicable to our website content, emails and documents, it is not enforceable for links that we may share or include in our material. Data may be collected by third parties that the links are attached to. Material attached to our content may cause you to exit our official website and consequently end up sharing information with collection pooled by third parties. The Union cannot monitor, control or endorse any statements made by third party websites or platforms that have their own privacy policies and practices. These may not be in line with our privacy policy. Thus, we would recommend taking precautions when entering non-Union content links and examine their privacy policies and the extent Members information are being used during browsing interactions.

Note that from the moment the viewer uses the Union site the privacy policy is in force and they will have accepted these. The privacy policy may be updated at any given time depending on technology developments.

Individual User Information

The information held by the Union that is unique to individuals, providing their personal details in line with registering as a Member of the Union. The information below will be updated and changed once Members have alerted us in writing. The data we hold typically contains:
-       Title, Gender, Full Legal Name and Date of Birth;
-       Passport-size photograph (Strictly used for Membership Cards and Identifying Members);
-       Home Address and Contact Details: Primary Telephone Number and Personal Email;
-       University Institution Name, Enrolment Year and Graduation Year;
-       Any Unpaid Money owed to the Union;
-       Membership Cost and Payment Fee for Facility Platform; and
-       Unique Membership Number.


The Union uses considerable security measures to aid protection of personal information. The measures include protection and prevention for misuse, loss and alterations without consent of data, under the supervision of the Union. However, it must be clear that the Union takes no responsibility over any information which has not regularly been updated by individuals and Members. Staying vigilant online is important, no method of data transmission over online means or electronic servers is secure. Transferring data online through emails and other messaging platforms is not encrypted and may lead to web browser attacks. Individuals are encouraged not to communicate any confidential information that may be to hacked. The Union aims to protection and secure information sufficiently, however, the Union cannot guarantee its security.

Third party services used by the Union to provide server hosting, domains and data storage – including the fulfilment of services, may be in line with their own standard terms and conditions that are not negotiable by the Union. The services provided by the third parties are in line public and government guidelines. Users of the Union services be informed that the Union does use third-party services to provide platform hosting, data server storage and information analysis software. These services have adequate protection for data in their servers and their reputation proceeds them with having reliable measures. The Union will not be liable or to the  extent permitted by English law, for any damages that may result from the misappropriation of any information, personal, confidential or sensitive, by any third-party organisations.  

Operational Use and Information Disclosures

The Union will only share personal information in the following operations:
1)    Service Providers
-       The Union passes on data for third-party service providers to analyse on our behalf business operations and marketing analytics. These third-party analytic providers could be based in the United Kingdom or globally. The services provided could include but are not limited to fraud detection, banking card processes, email providers, data server hosting and website technical support.
-       The service providers are obligated to safe guard and protect personal data received directly from the Union, to perform required services at the request of the Union. Under no circumstance is personal data sold or marketed to third parties by the Union.

2)    Law Compliance and Duties:  Personal data will be shared in bona fide (good faith) to meet an obligation to the following:
-       Correspondence to duly authorised data and information requests made by Law enforcement agencies, public authorities, regulators and courts. These will include compliance with laws, regulation, or court order. Investigations that will aid in the prevention of security threats, fraud, criminal or malicious actions.
a) Enforcement with the protection of our rights and obligations.
b) The protection of the rights and individual safety of our Board, Employees and Committees.
c) Third parties using our property when allowed inline with the requirements of applicable law.   

The moment an individual submits contact information to the Union, the Union may use the personal information including name, email address etc. The personal information will be used in line to provide services as part of the Union; to communicate with the individual directly by the Union or on behalf of a third party. This will include but is limited to emails, virtual newsletters, telephones or mail, to the contact details the individual provides.

Information Changes, Communication Frequency and Withdrawal

Individuals and Members may choose to subscribe to chosen communications from the Union.  These communications may be related to the conduct, services and business provided when receiving Union communications. The options will not include individual communications used for administrative purposes and non-promotional uses.

Cookies Information

Cookies are defined as data that is recorded on how long each user spends on each page of a site, which links they are clicking on and store data. They are beneficial to the Union team and users, helping to make those who visit sites frequently experience a smoother user experience. Cookies enable the site to coordinate user moves, management and interactions of content preferences.

Cookies used by the Union Site

Temporary session cookies will be used for the sole purpose of allowing users to login into the Members Hub and interactions with Union content, disconnecting from these cookies will not in any way impact the use of the Union site and content. The temporary cookie is deleted when the user closes the browsing tab.    

Google Analytics

The cookies implemented by Google Analytics are there to be used to collect data about the interface interactions of users. The information enables the Union to analyse web traffic efficiently optimising what and how users interact with content. The cookies may pool information anonymously including the number of users and visitors on the site where their origins are. The information may include the period of time users spent on content and pathways to the information. The information gathered is anonymous and cannot be linked to individual users. If you would like to find out more about Google Analytics click on the link.

Cookies Information

Kindly contact the Union if you have any questions, queries or concerns about the privacy policy and Data Usage. If you would like to request information and a particular reason you wish the Union not to process your data, please do get in touch. The Union may preserve user data indefinitely in supporting lifelong relationship with the Union. Privacy policy changes will be published for this Data Protection Statement. Exercising rights of opting out to using personal data, the Union will ensure that you do not inadvertently get contacted by the Union in the future. Personal information may be retained for financial records following statutory accounting and filing purposes. For further information, please email for the attention of administration: admin@londonunion.org.