Never miss an update relating to The Union, especially during the busier moments of your studies!

The London Union Society’s online newsletter allows all members to engage, maximise their education and evolve with the London Union remotely. Released monthly, members can receive news and updates on past and upcoming events, debates, workshops, and panels at the London Union, alongside news and updates relating to the Union’s key themes and sectors represented all under one publication.

Keeping our members engaged and educated on global affairs is key here at the Union which is why the newsletter dedicates most of its platform to fulfilling this. The newsletter will be presented in a variety of media ranging from prose, poetry, illustrations and satirical comics (where appropriate). It will make education fun and promote engagement.

Most notably, the Union’s newsletter also offers an insight into current workings of each department within the Union, providing transparency and exclusive access for our members into the internal workings and developments of the London Union.

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