Corporate Associate

Suraj Ahmed

Suraj was appointed as a Corporate Associate at London Union Society. He is currently reading a Master's in Accounting and Finance from BPP University London. He obtained his Master's in Business and Administration from the JSS University of Mysore, India. After pursuing a two-year role as a Financial Analyst at a US Investment Bank in Bangalore, he aimed to gain  greater opportunities internationally. Consequently, he took the leap to pursue the Masters in London as an international student. Returning to student life, he became a coordinator at BPP, organising events that encouraged students to take part in projects with Enactus BPP society . As an active representative, he encouraged students to view their time at university as time for growth both academically and socially. Putting great importance on socially driven initiatives, Suraj believes that Members will be able to connect with both the importance of professional readiness and understanding social constructs.

While working as part of an Enactus BPP project, he became acquainted with his peer Royan, who at the time served as the Vice-President of BPP Enactus. Royan inspired him with the idea of leaving a positive footprint and legacy. Suraj became motivated in contributing to the London Union, which has the potential to add to international students' curriculum and impact their learning environment in London. Suraj is enthusiastic in learning new administrative protocols in gaining sponsorships and connecting the Union with corporate clients, who share the Union's vision of giving Members greater opportunities with recruitment and development.