Corporate Secretary

Riyike Akintunde

Riyike is the Corporate Secretary and Publicity Associate for the London Union Society. Riyike has been best described as an emotionally intelligent, fiercely diplomatic and an eye for managerial processes. A core value of the London Union is to recognise human excellence and passion above just academic repour. At the forefront of the Union, we believe in actively listening to perspectives that challenge conventional approaches with innovative and intricate solutions. Riyike is a pioneer for welcoming new methods in solving injustices and promoting civility. Her experience spans years of high-net client assistance and public figure logistics. Our vision for hospitality is ensuring every enquiry is met with warmth and engagement. Riyike is passionate about challenging injustices that oppose opinions to the majority and providing a voice for marginalised individuals in the community with providing social mobility and celebrating the BAME family.  
Riyike was inspired to join the London Union Board because of they share a vision for equality with advocating social, economical and political narratives. The Union provides a unique inclusive platform for Members to express their justified views using research and relatedness. Addressing their concerns and challenges that they face, facilitated in a safe and protected environment and without the fear of ridicule.

Get in touch with Riyike if you need any assistance or need to get into communication with any London Union Board Members.