Head of Affairs

Mimi Swehli

BSc Psychology, The City University, University of London (2015-2018)

MSc Psychology of Economic Life, London School Economics, University of London (2018-2019)

MSc Social Policy and Social Research, University College London, University of London (2020-2021)

Mimi’s strengths lie in her multi-disciplinary background. While her passion is spread across a ray of different fields, her motivation steams from her want to achieve greater good for the world by improving the structural dimensions of society. Having grown up in Libya, and moving to the UK during her adolescent years, her personal experience of living in a war torn country made her the perfect voice to speak out about the injustices cause by war, for War Child UK as an Youth Advocate Panel Ambassador. Her experience has also shaped her academic path.

She started off with a Bachelors in Psychology, during which she obtained multiple IT and research skills, including the ability to conducted experiences on Matlab, Qualtrics (with JavaScript) and E-prime. However, it quickly became apparent that to achieve her goal, knowing how and why individual’s behave the way they do was not enough. This fostered her move into Psychology of Economic life, where she built key skills on how to shape human behaviour in economic structures, allowing her to develop new perspective and implement changes to pre-existing world-wide issues. However, her curiosity and passion for education did not stop there, she is now completing a Masters in Social Policy and Social Research, focusing on the many issues we face as a society today.

A multi-tasker at nature, throughout her entire studies Mimi worked as a junior advertising consultant for a Libyan based marketing company, was the finance and communication officer for City’s Drama society, and an assistant psychology consultant during her year at LSE. She is excited to lead the Affairs team delivering Debates, Panels and Keynote Speakers to Members of the London Union Society.