Corporate Associate

John Sebastian

John Sebastian is an associate in Corporate Affairs team, handling the matters related to the commercial strategy formulation and execution. John is pursuing his Masters in Finance from BPP University in London and is a qualified accountant. Moreover, he is on the way becoming a certified accountant & auditor in the UK.

Coming from diverse industry, his roots stem from his familial conglomerate business back in India. From industrial commodities to spice trade, he gained insights in corporate liaison and foreign counsel. After graduating from Institute of Chartered Accountants in India, John went on to explore his passion in agriculture and launched an agricultural start up with the aim to provide alternative sustainable waste management processes. He wanted to contribute to the global recycling initiative and combatting climate change. In London, he engaged with BPP Enactus, opening his eyes to greater opportunities working with various organisation with a shared socially driven goal. On account of his experience with finance and corporate affairs, he is leading the Union's budgets, auditing initiative and sponsorship campaign.