Publicity Consultant

Gabriella Staples

Gabriella joined the London Union team in the Summer of 2020. She recently graduated from the University of San Francisco on the Global Scholarship Program with an undergraduate degree in Communications and Public Relations. During her time in college she devoted herself to causes concerning social justice and education.  She worked as a research analyst for the Foster Care Research Group and examined the relationship between attachment style and self markers of resiliency. She was an avid member of Eye To Eye; an organization that raises awareness and fosters educational opportunities for children with learning difficulties; attending Brown University in 2019 to partake in their Educational Leadership programme.

Gabriella feels very strongly about using business skills in support of various social and environmental causes. In 2019, she went on to being awarded the Net Impact Scholarship. She won the opportunity to attend a week conference in Detroit to discuss sustainability, climate change and social justice.  In addition to working with the London Union, Gabriella works for a boutique Sales force consulting firm based in San Francisco.  Working with the London Union has allowed Gabriella to work with more social challenges she can address. She is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and is dedicated to spreading awareness of the importance of inclusion and diversity within the workplace.

In Gabriella’s free moments, she enjoys spending time with her family, daydreaming of snowboarding and trying to gather as many books as possible to enjoy with a cup of peppermint tea.