Educational Strategist Consultant

Dr Julie Sarmiento

Dr Julie started her career in Biology at UNAM Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. She had the opportunity to continue with her Masters in Marine Mammal Science at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Finally, Julie gained her PhD reading Zoology at the University of Cambridge.

Julie is a pioneer for academic and professional development, she believes in educational accessibility in the pursuit of vocational training. Since graduating she has supported and accommodated in setting up the foundations of the London Union. As the founder of her educational project - Education 4 All Global, Julie shares e-workshops about professional development. The agenda includes assertiveness, conflict resolution, active listening, negotiation, emotional intelligence, among others. Her training includes being an Associate at the Harvard University and other international institutions. As part of the Education Team, she supports, consults and guides the Academic Development team led by Sam Dicken. Julie organises the preliminary agenda for Professional Development Workshops at the London Union.

Julie loves photography, traveling, SCUBA diving, sailing, horseback riding, dancing, and singing! Julie is based in Cambridge USA, and is very happy to e-meet you at our educational workshops!