Educational Strategist Associate

Dr Aparna Thakur

Dr Aparna Sethi Thakur has obtained her doctorate in English Literature, studying cultural dissonance in the works of Indian diasporic writers. Throughout her journey she has been a pioneer for affordable education that is both accessible and available to those pursuing higher education. She implemented her strategy when she elected as a principal for a school in Ujjain, India. Over the course of her time in office, she understood the need for greater collaborations with international institutions to inspire students. She was an advocate in helping build a school where she grew up and taught students first hand.

She has continued to support and guide students by facilitating proof-reading sessions for those within her network. Since moving to the United States, she has gone onto becoming the President of University of Harvard Students, Spouses and Partners Association. In her role she has supported many initiatives and projects that provide a safe and protected community. She is an avid reader, lover of nature and enjoys time with her family. During the pandemic she has trained for her first 10k run and continues to push her boundaries. She is supporting the Union with Insights and education strategy.