Creative Consultant

Anna Withey

Anna joined the London Union team in the Summer of 2020, during the pandemic. She saw the wonderful opportunity to work positively, building a brand’s creative vision from the ground up.

 Anna is a graduate of Psychology from the University of Bath and this is something that is constantly influencing her work. She was thrilled to have her dissertation nominated for the national, Sean Morley Memorial Prize in 2017, for research contribution to the enhancement of road safety in the UK. She was invited to present her research to members of parliament and road safety specialists at Portcullis House in Westminster. Her dissertation was investigating the psychology of road signage design and this prestigious event motivated her to train in design, with the view to combining this with her education in psychology. She graduated from Shillington College of Graphic Design in April 2020 and worked as a freelance designer and photographer until October when she was hired as an in-house designer for Tangle Teezer.  She has worked on a variety of freelance contracts including fashion photography, professional headshots, pregnancy shoots, wedding invitations and logo design.

 She is excited to be a part of the London Union as it has given her a platform to work with all of her interests. In addition to her work on the design and graphics for the brand, she is also excited to engage in social issues that the London Union can address. She has always been passionate about how the creative industry can affect mental health and wellbeing both positively and negatively. She would love to be able to explore how mental health is represented in art, performance and design through an immersive exhibition; using this platform to educate people on the turmoil of the human psyche during the creative process.