Want to gain an insight into the formation, discussions and offerings associated with the
London Union Society?

The London Union Society Podcast - LUV - is a free weekly podcast, which provides an introduction to the conceptualisation of the Union, as well as exclusive access to future plans and strategies on our journey to creating an inclusive and developmental space for the student body in London.

At the forefront of the Union are Founder and Director Royan Khayri, and Executive Board Member and Head of Events Elodie Burton who are the main presenters in LUV.

Subscribers of the London Union Society Podcast can remain up-to-date with the latest developments of global affairs from the perspective of the Union.

For prospective Members of the Union, this light-hearted podcast that delves into the world of starting a new business reveals the blueprint of the Union, what made us decide to !

Furthermore, Members will benefit from weekly podcasts, therefore obtaining updates and highlights which supplement the physical events and workshops of the Union.

For non-members, the LUV Podcast is one of the few free and exclusive mediums to entirely reveal the Unions’ longer term development of facilitating a platform to channel social agency within the student body in London.

In conjunction with the general schedule of the podcast, all subscribers can collectively access minicasts. Minicasts exclusively focus on brief snippets, regarding key topics covering global affairs, channelled through panels, debates and other events within the Union. Therefore, the LUV Podcast can be informative and enjoyable for everybody.