Our members of the Union may bring a bona fide acquaintance, as a guest, for a charge of £30.

Guests may be allowed to join at  Union's Events on payment of an entry fee, this will always be  determined by the Executive Committee's Events Officer, President and  Vice President.

Free Entry Events
We will be hosting special events that will be open to all for free and non-members are warmly encouraged to visit and engage with what we are all about. The Committee team will decide when the events have reached their full capacity.

Public Events
On rare occasions we will open our doors for an exclusive insight into the Union to the General Public or other organisations. We will release information  

No guest tickets will be admitted more than 15 minutes before the start of any event to allow us to engage with the popularity of the event with our members.

2. The guest must not be eligible for membership at the London Union in their own right (i.e. members of the University of London or other universities of London will not be admitted as guests). Guest tickets can only be purchased online via FIXR  just 30  minutes before the start of the event.

3. For very popular events, the Executive Committee may decide that an event is to be completely closed to non-members, and no guests will be admitted to prioritise and preserve space for our members.

4. A penalty fine  of £40 will be charged to any non-member found to be using a Union card that is not their own. This penalty applies to the card owner, and the card will be confiscated until the fine is paid with a written explanation and apology.

5. Membership records will now be checked on the door for all events. Anyone who has forgotten their card will have to request “Forgotten Card Ticket” via FIXR at least an hour before the event; to have their details checked on the system against a form of photographic and government issued ID.